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Every now and then I pause and search for special dates. You could say, I do this to see if the spirit moves me. . . I’m searching, in fact, for my words to have more relevance.

Somehow October slipped away, and I barely noticed. Still, Halloween perhaps? But no, I said. I haven’t been in the spirit. I’m days away from the celebration completely unprepared. I have written about Day of the Dead before. That is a possibility. This is a week of spirits. Though not exactly kindred spirits. Still, my question was more about my own half-remembered smile.

I searched for something else. This week was also a work conference meant to lift our spirits. If not the soul, at least the shadow of spirit preserved in metaphor. Neither strong nor weak, high nor low, mine nor ours, but all, definitions of spirit.

In scrolling and choosing my own blog posts framed by the Google search, I am spirited away. I find myself again. Each piece of me. The ones I am. The ones I was. The ones I love and hate and never want to admit loving or hating. Myself. My own. Spirit(s).

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