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Different Kinds of Love

Someone once told me that before you start a blog, you should have a great number of posts planned out to ensure you'd have ideas. I never did that. Today, I believe that gaps in ideas for new blog posts are sometimes the moment to listen to and lift up others' words. Sometimes they are messages for me to return to and remember my own.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, I choose to do just that. Pieces of memory. Seeds of future paragraphs. The writing I was brave enough to post here holds me accountable to observation, to connection, to practice.

This isn't the first time I posted a blog full of my own links. Sometimes I chose five. Maybe ten. I decided to include both posts I love, 'favorites', and posts about love, having it and losing it. When I began to search, I believed this one would be no different. I worked forward from the earliest posts. I clicked. I skimmed. I read. I didn't feel anxious. I didn't feel lacking. I felt happy. I felt love, the love to write and the love for the topics and people about which I write. I invite you to read that sampling of love below, all different kinds.

Dr. Robin Norwood Steel

Pink or Gray Spiced Honey Cake

Berries on the Fenceline Witness to a Year-Diverse Book Challenge

"Friend" Playing Possum

The Long Way Round Canaries in the Mine

Book Cover Shifting

Laundry The Mother of My Mother's Things

Dental Records: Another Re-Envisioning of Growth Mindset Life Isn't Even

Once One Has a Face Bu(t)zzzz

I Knew I Had it In Me Slow Train

My Ideal Bookshelf Something About Light

Paint on Bricks Weather Mans Notes

I Pick Through If Women Ran the Wor(l)d

(Un)Masked Young (Adult) Love

Dreams in Other(s') Words Outreach: My Father's Definition

( ) Space Does my guipil still fit?

Chocolate for Courage Declaration(s) of Independence

After the Front Goes Through Corrective Exercises

Water is a Woman's Name Choose Your Words Carefully

For Reference (Going) Gray


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