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Twelve Hours and Counting

I wrote blogs previously for New Year’s based on a practice I learned in Guatemala of wishing on twelve grapes, one grape per wish. This year on the marking of another kind of new year, the winter solstice, I am choosing to highlight blogs of hope, one light per dark hour. Sparks, as in my work with youth, meant to inspire.

In life and writing I remember sensations of too much darkness, too many ‘longest nights’, inspiration disappeared. I set about this task, of digging from the front to the back, which in blog pages is the back to the front. It seems, though too often ignored for the seemingly small size, when the sun sets, stars also come out. Never ending scattered sparks add up to blazes of light.

30 pages. Over 200 posts. So many stars. Uncountable. Uncounted on, hope. The first cut came to 37, a metaphor of sorts, the year I really returned to writing. Family. Friends. Pasts. Futures. Work. Dreams. All words. Some borrowed. I reviewed the list again. Remove repeats or the less determined. 19. Sometimes interpreted. Mostly my own. And, finally, 12 to pass each hour of the year’s longest night.


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