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Children's and Young Adult Book Lover's Awards 2023

I have been reading all summer and I am excited to participate this fall as a judge in the Young Adult Fiction category.

The Middle-Grade and Young Adult Fiction categories comprise books that are grounded in reality. The world as it was or is: contemporary or historical, funny or mysterious, romantic or adventurous, sport-centric or coming of age. These are the stories that nudge readers to self-discovery, open windows to others' experiences, and let them see the world. It's pain, its flaws, its joy, and its beauty.

These judges will be looking for those titles that kids can't stop talking about and, with great enthusiasm (and maybe a little drama) give to a friend and say, “You HAVE to read this.”

While nominations close today, I elected to cast a wide net in my reading. I explored every single eligible book on the shared list. This experience has positively impacted both my access to resources that support the young adult programming I create and implement. It also serves as an incredible foundation for my dreams to be an author of young adult books.

The CYBILS Awards aims to recognize children’s and YA authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and popular appeal.

As you will see in blog posts in the coming weeks, there are so many that while others did not elevate them, they had great meaning for me. I am grateful for this opportunity that introduced me to them.


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