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________, You're All Heart

Paulie turns and faces Rocky when he's up against almost certain death. In the dark tunnel away from the boxing ring's spotlight, he says, 'You're all heart, Rock.'

Heart. I want to end February, with a statement about heart.

The equity training I attended earlier in the week reinforced the idea of circular time. I hear a story. Later, I hear that story again. I hear it differently, because I am different. I agree, and it's the context or the situation around the story that rubs against my skin in soothing or irritating ways.

This is true of Rocky. The series appeared on Netflix on February, and I decided to watch. I notice things now, that deserve further conversation, and may not be positive for everyone watching to see.

I originally watched these movies as a way to connect with my brother. I closed my eyes (I still do) through most of the fighting. In between fights and fantastic soundtracks, I listened. Through a skin prickle that dates the film or proves my own age, I still hear something important.

Today's self knows that there is much that could be deconstructed regarding race and gender and power in these films, and yet for me, Rocky still goes the distance. Rocky talks about understanding what really matters, about telling yourself the truth and our ability to change. These movies are built around fighting, but at their heart, it's not the 'win' nor the 'loss' that matters. It's how you show up for yourself.

For February and beyond, I leave you with the message where Rocky began, take your chance and follow through. Show yourself you can go the distance. Fill in your own name, 'You're all heart, ______________.'


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