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A Construction (or Constructive) Conversation

“Why are cones white and orange?”

“They mark the road.”

“All roads?”

“This road. Our road. Under construction.”

"Won't people hit them?"

"They show us what not to hit. Help us not to hit each other."

"All the time?"

"No. Mostly in the summer. When paths change."

The dividers are the tone

Of sunrise ahead,

Sunset behind.

All other colors ripped away to dirt and stone.

“And the men?”

“The men?”

“Why are men white and orange?”

“Not the men. Their clothes.”

“Why mark the men?”

“To see them.”

“Colors for the men to be seen?”

“All men?”

“These men working construction.”

“Does it help?”


“Them be seen.”

“Only on the road.”

Brown shades. Sun burned.

Shaded brown. Bare exposed.

Slowly replaced by black expanse.

Divided by white lines.

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