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Steps, steps, steps, steps

Mushy too muddy

January steps

New Year's steps

Pulled down by

Last year's weight.

My legs could carry a heavier load

If only my arms could support it

Steps, steps, steps, steps

Crunchy salted turned slushy snow

Lost crystal steps

Dirty, marked up steps

Pulled behind by

Someone else's motivation

Circular, turned back to same spot,

Retraced motivation

Steps, steps, steps, steps

Uneven, icy, too many

Finger tapping keyboard steps

Breath held waiting steps

They're not forward

They're not backward

Breathless from

Two forward, one back

Steps, steps, steps, steps

Heeled boots clad

Lacy underneath steps

Barely peeking out steps

Not today

But they're unique

And mine

I wear them anyway


Too dirty


They'll be ruined


Not a match


Received a fitness tracker

Because I should keep track of


Take control of


“Those are great boots!”

“So are my-”


Which means I choose

To wobble

Instead of stepping

Too carefully


Not stepping

At all

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