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Why Yoga and Early Literacy?!

Now more than ever, the field of education is recognizing the importance of connections between diverse teachers and teaching contexts. Family Engagement literature written for libraries and schools advocates for a larger learner community supported by encouragers, mentors or advocates inside and outside of traditionally recognized institutions. As a teacher, I am grateful for another teacher, in this case my fitness trainer, who could expand my practice. Below are the top five reasons why I love the Yoga and early literacy combination.

1. Yoga is receptive to individuals interpretation of diverse poses. Everyone will excel and be challenged by something different.

2. Yoga is a less anxious "text" than a book in print around which to build conversations that develop vocabulary and narrative skills.

3. The active demonstration quality address an instructional need for the developing language of students be they native speakers or second language learners.

4. The physical aspect provides a different opportunity to goal set and mark progress.

5. The Yoga pictures books available provide a multicultural component to the storytime.

Get reading! Get moving!


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