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That One Left Turn

But what about

The left turn

The expected unexpected.

The reason you have reasons

To not take a chance.

Google maps chose the route

But I recognized it

As my father’s route

The man who loves

Control of control.

Yet, for me

It is the unfamiliar path

The path I never want

For want of a right turn

Instead of


He hates the apps

The ones that turn those that don’t know

Down an unknown

Now too known


Left turn

Wrong choices litter each roadside.

The soft and silent. The violent.

The immediate and the imminent.

The return trip from the hospital

Isn’t the left turn

It’s the right




With the knowing

But what’s left

For me to choose


That one

Left turn

Isn't the one you avoided

It's the turn you don't


The only turn that's


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